Artist/ Band: Those Men
Title: Theman Simpulse
Label: Zingg Records, Blue Rhino Publishing
Year of Release: 2010
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Those Men have released the most ambitious concept album that recalls pink Floydís The Wall. The album, Theman Simpulse, is by far one of the most difficult albums to ever review. It has so much going on both of the 2 discs that itĎs almost impossible to categorize outside the art-rock/punk/prog arenas.

The album has a narrator that helps the listener at the direction of the story. Yet I have honestly donít know whatís going on lyrically. I would say itís very British (a compliment) sounding, obviously with the narration as well as the vocals. The vocalist, Martin Clark, reminds me of a mixture of Roger Waters and Andy Tillison (The Tangent, PO90).

The story line from what I can hear as well as research IĎve done, is about a man called Themen Simpulse and who he meets on his amazing 4 second journey. It almost sounds like Theman Ďs very odd dream. The song lengths range between 1 minute to 15 minutes. The album is divided into two discs. On each disc itís subtitles as Second One through Second 4.

Iíve heard this album several times and I still have yet to digest itís ambitiousness the band has created. I feel that this is not for the casual listener. Serious music connoisseurs will be amazed at this album. They will also appreciate the epic nature of this 2 disc album., the band has created.

You can follow Themanís journey on Facebook and MySpace through an episodic format. Hopefully itíll help explain the themes going on here. I really canít recommend this to the general population, it is for those that enjoy more ďdifficultĒ music. I think fans of the avant side of progressive rock will welcome this album into their collection.

The album is housed in a dvd size case which includes the two discs as well as a booklet that further explores the journey of Theman. If this appeals to you, then Iíd suggest you first visit Those Menís MySpace page and listen to the samples. At that point, you can decide whether or not to purchase this album, which was created by two musicians (Martin Clark - lead vocals & Mark Elliot - both are multi-instrumentalists). Take a chance if you dare!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 8th, 2010


Disc 1:

Second One

01. Do You Believe In The Fire In Your Soul?
02. Unbelievable Skin
03. The Clean And Mutant Peace Tunnel
04. Recreation Day
05. A Piece Of The Bridge

Second Two:

06. D.N.A.
07. The Symphony Unfolds
08. The Hanging Head Man
09. Backwards Sommersaults
10. The Confused Catfish
11. Mutation
12. Evolution
13. Kyptolebias Marmoratus

Second Three


14. Down The Peace Hole
15. The Handcradling Woman
16. The Skeleton
17. Big Car
18. Bowl Of Jealousy
19. Theoretical Love

Disc 2:

Second Three cont'd:

01. Ignacious Pig Freak
02. Suddenly
03. Submarine Smile
04. Guilt
05. The Sex Chamber
06. What Colour Was The Badger Roadkill?
07. An Evolving Landscape
08. Thick Yeasty Dark Brown Savoury Spread That Is Generally Only Available In The United Kingdom, South Africa and The Antipodes
09. Up Chute

Second Four:

10. The Air Song
11. I'm Going To Field
12. Raven's Alt
13. Boulders And Clay
14. Lunacy Of Love
15. Backswimmers And Boatman
16. The Puddle That Never Dries
17. The Men Will Dance With Butterflies
18. The Dreams Come
19. Germination And The Seed Grows
20. Preconditions Unshackling
21. Tractor Yang Man
22. What Should You Say If You Had To Eat Yourself Today?

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