Artist/ Band: The Tea Club
Title: General Winter's Secret Museum
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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Hailing from the New Jersey area, The Tea Club releases their debut album entitle General Winter’s Secret Museum in 2008. At the time the band was a trio which consisted of Patrick McGowan (vocals, bass, guitar), along with his brother Dan (vocals, guitar) and Kyle Minnick (drums). Together this trio created some magical music on their debut from beginning to end.

From the opening "Werewolves" (6:09), which captures the listener and lock them in for a ride of their life. Ending the ride is “Ice Clock”(5:08). The music on this album is a mixture of Radiohead, King Crimson (Red-Disciple) and The Beatles. Just as soon as the album is over, you want to hear it again.

This is one of those albums that captivated me with each of the tracks. Very seldom does that happen to me. Some of the highlights for me, besides the opening track are “Big Al” (6:12) with it’s very infectious Beatles like melodies. Then the band shows it’s more melodic side with “Castle Builder” (4:38).

The band then goes full on Beatles mixed with Radiohead vibe on “The Moon” (4:41). The song has a perfect mixture of mellow and aggressive moments. I could listen to this song over and over, which is the case on the entire album.

In closing, The Tea Club has created an absolutely wonderful debut album that goes down as one of my all time favorite albums of all time. This is also the beginning of a fruitful career, as the has qualities that would cater both the mainstream and progressive rock audiences. The band currently has two albums out but I really think it’s best to start at the beginning.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 26th, 2011, 2011


01. Werewolves
02. Cool Smack
03. Big Al
04. Castle Builder
05. Purple Chuks
06. The Clincher
07. Will O'the Wisp
08. The Moon
09. Iceclock

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