Artist: The Screen
Title: The Screen
Label: Red Fez Records
Year Of Release: 2003

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1. Witness [3:33]
2. Primetime [5:06]
3. Leech [4:07]
4. The Drive [5:33]
5. Parallax [4:36]
6. Last Man Standing [6:11]
7. Brings Me Back [4:40]
8. Mezzanine [3:16]
9. Parallax (radio edit) [3:42]
10. Brings Me Back (radio edit) [3:49]

The Review:

The Screen is the latest band from the Red Fez label, which brought us the prog-a-billy rockers, Dreadnaught. The Screen isn't really progressive rock at all in the classic sense but they do have an idie feel to them that would put them close enough. Their music has the standard noisy guitars that most modern alternative rock has and to add to the sound they incorporate melodic vocals easy going rhythms and acoustic guitars. The music is purely focused on well crafted guitar based songs, similar to a release by Omni (from USA) called Paint By Numbers. They ‘re yet another indie band with a sound that can help bridge a gap between the mainstream and progressive worlds of music.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 17th, 2004

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