Artist/ Band: The Anabasis
Title: Back From Being Gone
Label: 10T Records
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

The Anabasis is a band/project on the 10T Records label, and the debut release from 2011 is called Back From Being Gone. The musicians involved in this, are Barry Thompson (Guitars, bass, keyboards), George Andrade (Lyrics, arrangements), Ryo Okumoto (Keyboards, arrangements), Per Fredrik “PelleK” Asly (Lead vocals), Gerard “Mully” Mulligan (Drums), Gordon Chatsworth (Lead/backing vocals), Lee Abraham (Bass, mixing, producer) and many more special guests.

Back From Being Gone is a 6 track album with three epics “Rome” (14;14), “Vikings” (17:28) and “Egypt” (23:52). In between the epics are shorter more concise songs “Fly” (6:50), “Carpe Diem” (5:47) and “Epiphany” (5:26).

Depending on mood, both the epics and short songs fill a need for most progressive rock fans. There are so many influences on this album that the entire body of work comes off as quite original. In short, this is a modern blend of symphonic progressive rock.

The musicians never step on each other’s toes, which is a very welcomed thing. It appears that each do their parts to create some of the best music I’ve heard in recent times. I do gravitate towards the epics but the shorter tracks are perfect introductions to The Anabasis.

For a future release, I would love to hear more songs like those covered in the epics. Maybe dealing with Oriental, Native American or even fantasy themes.

I would love to see The Anabasis become a better known name within the progressive rock community. I have been listening to Back From Being Gone for the past 9 or so months and I do hope The Anabasis continues producing quality music for many years to come. Without any doubt, this album & band deserves one of my high recommendations.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 7th, 2012


01. Rome (14:14)
02. Fly (6:50)
03. Carpe Diem (5:47)
04. Vikings (17:28)
05. Epiphany (5:56)
06. Egypt (23:52)

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