Artist/ Band: The Flower Kings
Title: Adam & Eve
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

The Flower Kings are one of my all time favorite modern progressive rock bands. They combine melody of good song writing with complex instrumentation. Sometimes itís a hit and sometimes a miss. This is their first studio cd that I had the pleasure of reviewing and Iím thankful for that. The main reason is this is the first Flower Kings studio recording that Iíve actually listened from beginning to end in one sitting. The only other was Retropolis. Iím not say the discs in between are bad, just that it took more to digest. Maybe because most were doubles or maybe too much music in such a short time span. Luckily we as fans are treated to annual doses of music by Roine Stolt and to me thatís better than waiting have a decade for a 50 minute cd. Musically Adam And Eve breaks no new ground, it just solidifies what theyíve done in the past but with the addition of Daniel Gildenlow, weíre allowed a new fresh approach to The Flower Kings style.

Opening the disc is the usual epic with several shorter songs preceding. My only gripe is that they could have gotten away with a good 60 minutes but thatís a matter of personal opinion. Anyway, the genre of this band, it is symphonic rock with other influences added per recording. This time itís a full fledged symphonic release very similar to what Yes might have released if their heyday was now.

Highlights for me are the opener ďLove SupremeĒ and ďA Vampireís ViewĒ, both show, in my ears what The Flower Kings are musically all about.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 10th, 2004


1. Love Supreme
2. Cosmic Circus
3. Babylon
4. A Vampire's View
5. Days Gone By
6. Adam & Eve
7. Starlight Man
8. Timelines
9. Driver's Seat
10. The Blade of Cain

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