Artist/ Band: Tears
Title: Memories Of Things Unnecessary
Label: G Records
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

I was contacted back in July (2010) by multi-instrumentalist/ vocalist Gouaime Divanis via email. He has been following my reviews for a while now and wanted to have me review his band, Tears. This really made me feel so very humble to hear that my site is being watched by so many.

Tears is a new progressive "metal" band but to label them that is quite limiting because they are not typical or follow others in the genre. To my ears they’re far more progressive than anything that I‘ve heard recently. It is so comforting to know that the future of progressive music is safe in the hands of bands like Tears.

Since Gouaime did all the instruments on the EP, he is joined by Nick “the Couch” Blackeye (bass) and Theo Christodoulou (drums) for live and future recordings.

Tears is a hard band to describe because at the beginning of the EP, the song “Time Master” (2:28) has a urgent punk/metal vibe then the next song “Things Imaginary” (3:05) is a more melodic progressive sounding song with perfect brooding vocals. Upon reading the back of the cd, the first two songs are edits. I think they probably would have been better off at the end of the EP to avoid any confusion. Nothing major, just a thought.

The full version of “Time Master“ includes two songs - “Memories” (0:55) and “I Just Wanted To Forget” (4:28). The former is an atmospheric instrumental intro that segues into latter.

The full version of “Things Imaginary” includes two songs - “A Childhood Dream” (1:24) and “A Hurtful Reality” (3:54). The former is a beautiful acoustic guitar and piano based intro with brooding vocals that segues into the latter.

Next up is the very atmospheric and psychedelic three part suite called “Trendy De-Commericalization”. It includes “Sleeping Level 9, Hypnotic Patterns... Consuming Zombies” (7:30), “Awakening, Products We Don't Need” (4:17) and “Going Back To Sleep, This Time Free... A New Age Born...?” (5:03).

This suite alone is worth the price. It has everything a progressive rock/metal fan could ever want and more. I hope this is the beginning of amazing things for this band. I truly feel if they keep up the quality of music on this EP, Memories Of Things Unnecessary, that they could be among the best progressive bands of today.

My words haven’t swayed you yet? Well then go check out the band’s MySpace page for samples. What are you waiting for?!? I believe once you hear the samples, you’ll be placing you order for this amazing debut. This is EP garners a very strong recommendation especially for fans of the Sky Moves Sides Ways era of Porcupine Tree and others on the KScope label.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 6th, 2010


01. Time Master (edit)
02. Things Imaginary (edit)

Time Master:
03. Memories
04. I Just Want To Forget

Things Imaginary:
05. A Childhood Dream
06. A Hurtful Reality

Trendy De-Commericalization:
07. Sleeping Level 9, Hypnotic Patterns... Consuming Zombies
08. Awakening, Products We Don't Need
09. Going Back To Sleep, This Time Free... A New Age Born...?

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