Artist/ Band: TDW
Title: Scrapbook
Label: Layered Reality Productions
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

It’s been 3 years since the last TDW release, The Haunts, in 2008. This time TDW does something ambitious and released a double album, Scrapbook, on January 31st, 2011. The music has matured quite nicely on Scrapbook. To some degree I hear a mixture of Riverside meets Dream Theater, with the emphasis on former. Another band I’m reminded of is Ayreon. (I think Arjen should get Tom on a future Ayreon album).

I was sent a Press Edition of Scrapbook, which most of the songs are presented in multiple parts with the exception of the last track on Disc 2. I believe I read that the reason for this was to prevent the album from ending up on torrent sites. I can understand the control of the music, at least on the press releases. Sadly once the public gets wind of the new album, there’s no way to prevent bootleg copies.

On disc 1, there are 9 tacks ranging from under 2 minutes to almost 15 minutes. Highlights of disc 1 are “She’s Gone” (7:06), which has an almost power prog melodic metal thing going. Another is “Answers” (5:51), which has a symphonic metal vibe to it. And finally, the epic of the first disc, “A Drive Till the End” (14:41), which has a progressive metal vibe to it.

On disc 2, there are 9 tracks from under 3 minutes to almost 12 minutes. Highlights of disc 2 are “Connection Interrupted” (6:10), which has a progressive metal vibe to it, almost like an early Queenryche sound evolved. “The Fine Art of Perseverance” (11:24) is another that has a symphonic/progressive metal vibe about it and some moments of alternative/nu metal. Another highlight is “Scream of Consciousness” (6:30) which has a more straight forward sounding metal sound.

Ending off disc 2 and the entire album is the epic “All That Stands Will Remain, part 2 (11:06). What a perfect way to end off such an ambitious and exciting album. TDW is one of those bands that are unfortunately under many people’s radars. I think this album, with the proper exposure, should get into the radar long enough for people to take notice. This is strongly recommended release from 2011, especially for those that want their metal to be inventive and full of energy.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 6th, 2011


Disc 1:

01. All that stands will remain, part 1 (1:40)
02. King of Lies (6:10)
03. She’s Gone (7:06)
04. Monkey Bussiness (7:21)
05. Answers (5:51)
06. A drive till the end (14:41)
07. Cathedral of loss (5:46)
08. Voided Eyes (8:18)
09. De gecontroleerde chaos (3:58)

Disc 2:

01. March of the freaks (8:01)
02. To infinity and beyond (5:26)
03. Connection Interrupted (6:10)
04. The fine art of perseverance (11:24)
05. Unorthodork (2:24)
06. Scream of consciousness (6:30)
07. De ongecontroleerde rust* (4:19)
08. Needled meditation (5:22)
09. All that stands will remain, part 2 (11:06)

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