Artist/ Band: Starcastle
Title: Chronos 1
Label: Sunslinger
Year of Release: 2001
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Starcastle is one of those American prog bands from the 70's that followed suit after the giants of prog (Yes & ELP especially). While at times they sound more like Yes, they're musicianship is amazing with the dual guitars of Steve & Matt and the keyboard wizardry of Herb.

My only gripe is that I wished they had a more original sound, to me they had a "mechanical" or "processed" style on most of the songs, to a degree it has somewhat of a dated sound *IMHO*

I hope with their new recording they would expand on recordings such as "Forces" or "Fountains". I like those tracks best. I also like the instrumentation on "Dance of the Physotrons" & "Breath and Thunder" (a nice rocker) the vocal stylings on the former are very good here, and both songs to me it shows a side of Starcastle that would be nice to hear more of.

I know that "Chronos 1" is a set of demos but I know that once I hear some finshed studio recordings, I'll have a much better grasp of the band.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 2nd, 2001


01. Lady of The Lake [9:55]
02. Forces [5:21]
03. To The Fire Wind [7:10]
04. Fountains [10:18]
05. True to the Light [6:29]
06. Morning Fall [5:02]
07. A Fall of Diamonds [5:38]
08. Where Caverns Wind [3:09]
09. Portraits [5:09]
10. Dance of the Physotrons [5:08]
11. Breath and Thunder [3:51]

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