Artist/ Band: Sophya Baccini
Title: Aradia
Label: Black Widow Records
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

Sophya Baccini, best known as the vocalist for Presence, sets out on her own which resulted in a debut album called Aradia. From first listen, you can hear similarities to Kate Bush. Sophya channels Kate of the 1970’s on the album. Most of the backing instrumental tracks remind me a lot of Goblin which adds a, dare I say, “gothic“ flavor to the music. Joining Sophya has a variety of guests that help fulfill her vision of Aradia. Most notable of the guests is Lino Vairetti (Osanna). He does duet with Sophya on “Non é L’Amore Il Tuo Destino“. On the track, “Two Witches And Doreen” contains vocals from Ana Torres (Universal Totum Orchestra) and Nona Luna (Iconea), which has an “opera” feel to the vocals.

As a bonus, there’s a video of “When The Eagles Flied”. This is the most accessible song and could be a hit single (in a perfect world). Ending off the album is Sophya’s version of the Joni Mitchell song “Circle Game.” I haven’t heard the original but on Sophya’s version, it seems to be the most stripped down of the songs with only the ocean noises accompanying her. You hear Sophya’s singing her heart out with her beautiful vocals.

This is one of the wonderful surprises releases of 2009, that hasn‘t had much or any press on. This is sad because this is a wonderful album to listen over an over.. If you’re a fan of 70’s Kate Bush, then you have to add Aradia to your collection ASAP. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 17th, 2009


01. La Pietra
02. How Good
03. Studiare Studiare
04. Will Love Drive Out The Rain?
05. Adesso
06. Al ritmo Di UnaStoria
07. Beware, Beware
08. Ever Too Small
09. Don't Dream That Dream
10. Non é L’Amore Il Tuo Destino
11. L’Ennesimo No
12. Elide
13. Aradia
14. Two Witches And Doreen
15. Nei Luoghi
16. When Eagles Flied
17. Circle Game

Bonus Video: When Eagles Flied

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