Artist/ Band: Soft Machine Legacy
Title: Steam
Label: MoonJune Records
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Soft Machine Legacy’s latest album, ‘Steam’ was released in 2007 on MoonJune Records. The line up is Hugh Hopper (bass), John Marshall (drums), John Etheridge (guitar) and Theo Travis (sax).Theses four musicians conjure up Soft Machine’s old sound with new ideas. The thing is that I can tell, is they tried not to be The Soft Machine, hence the “Legacy’ part in the name. It truly is a legacy to the band that started way back in the 60’s.

Each of the musicians were involved in composing the tracks on “Steam’. One thing I noticed more on this album than the previous “Legacy’ albums is a more modern appeal to the music in that there‘s some aggressive parts without losing the qualities of the jazz-rock genre Soft Machine is known for. They continue in the traditions set decades ago without staying in that past. They forge forward to deliver some very amazing adventurous jazz-fusion that will do justice to the name Soft Machine. Fans of all versions of Soft Machine will love this album. Very recommended!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 30th, 2007


1. Footloose 8:46
2. The Steamer 4:38
3. The Big Man 5:08
4. Chloe & The Pirates 7:27
5. In The Back Room 7:10
6. The Last Day 5:20
7. Firefly 6:41
8. So English 8:29
9. Dave Acto 6:25
10. Anything To Anywhere 5:20

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