Artist/ Band: Slychosis
Title: Slychedelia
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

"Slychedelia" is the second release by Slychosis, who’s brainchild is Gregg Johns (vocalist, guitars, keyboards). Gregg, the primary composer, is joined by James Walker (bass, vocals), Jeremy Mitchell (drums), Chip Griffith (saxophone) and Ceci Smith (guest vocalist).The style of music Slychosis plays is a mixture of classic & new progressive, psychedelic and space rock. Some influences are listed from Genesis, Pink Floyd, Rush, Twelfth Night, early Marillion and so much more.

Gregg keeps the music interesting by keeping the songs to the point without getting too off the track (the filler zone). The songs are just the right length to appease die-hard prog fans who feel the mantra of “the longer the better”. One thing I noticed is that the material here is fresh yet consistence with the self titled debut.

Just like the debut, I found I couldn’t pick any favorites, because they were all very appealing. However, the opening track “Columns”, “St. Johns Wood” and “Crimson Fields Of Glory” can best describe the direction Slychosis is going in. While not really pushing the boundaries, I can safely say that Slychosis does better than most of the heavy weights of the genre. Recommended if you like the afore mentioned bands.

Simply put, purchasing Slychedlia is a no-brainer!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 11th, 2009


01. Columns
02. Flag Of Dimbu
03. Cosmic Irony
04. Hearts Of Space
05. For Vlad
06. Distrust
07. St. John's Wood
08. Metaphysical Fitness
09. Afterlife
10. Crimson Fields Of Glory

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