Artist/ Band: Slivovitz
Title: Hubris
Label: MoonJune Records
Year of Release:
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Starting with Domenico Angarano's opening two-bar bass figure, Hubris, by the Italian avant-progressive septet Slivovitz, weaves its serpentine caress around an array of musical indulgences that vacillate between exotic and neurotic. The quasi-Crimson flair of "Mangiare" steps forth with a snappy bass attack reminiscent of Tony Levin and a smattering of nonsense vocals displaced by Fender Rhodes piano and liquid sax squiggles from Pietro Santangelo.

The elegance of "Ne Carne" brings a decidedly ECM pathos to the album; Marcello Giannini's Metheny/Carlton-esque guitar and Angarano's fretless bass maintain a relatively straightforward sonic cartpath here, so that nothing strays to left of center. It's a very nice composition, immediately followed by the percussion-prevalent uptempo eclec-tricity of "Ne Pesce," powered by Santangelo's stage center sax lead. "Dammi Un Besh" ("Give [Me] A Kiss," obviously) counters its nonchalant title with some exquisite acoustic guitar; the guitar and sax unison is a nice touch. Other memorable tracks include the Middle Eastern vibe of "Canguri In 5"—a speedy guitar line & whistle characterize the antepenultimate cut— and "Sig. M Rapito Dal Vento" with its noticeably galactic lounge feel.

While not quite as captivating as Demi Masa, the recent home run hit by MoonJune labelmates simakDialog, Hubris is destined for acclaim in avant-progressive circles and this band proves again why MoonJune is a rising star among independent labels that specialize in this sort of music.

Reviewed by Elias Granillo Jr. on November 15th, 2009


01. Zorn a Surriento
02. Caldo Bagno
03. Mangiare
04. Errore di Parallasse
05. Ne Carne
06. Ne Pesce
07. Dammi Un Besh O
08. CO2
09. Sono Tranquillo Eppure Spesso Strillo
10. Canguri in 5
11. Tilde
12. Sig. M. Rappito dal Vento

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