Artist/ Band: Seismic Cry
Title: The Hopeless Flare
Label: Open Sea Music Productions
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Seismic Cry, the brainchild of French-Canadian composer and song-writer Philippe Gaudet, presents a unique debut release "The Hopeless Flare". It blends elements of progressive rock, classical, as well as a touch of folk music.

The opener of the CD is the 4-part Saint-Laurent which as a whole clocks in at just under 27 minutes. I would have had it tracked as one track but itís still effective in itís delivery. The song mostly uses narrative, spoken word in French to tell the tale of "The Empress Of Ireland"; a ship which sank in Canadian waters in 1914. The musical instruments present are Acoustic guitar, recorder, glockenspiel, spoken word, and chanted vocals merge in a somewhat new-age soft symphonic mixture but exciting in a way that is very poetic and evocative.

This is a decent effort that would appeal to those looking for the softer side of progressive rock This is one of 2004's hidden treasures that hopefully will be discovered by more people.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 10th, 2005


1-4. Saint-Laurent
(a) Derniere Ouverture(6:27)
(b)Chambres Musicales(5:32)
(d)Mille Reves(7:23)

5. Sharing A Life (7:05)
6. Remembering Abby (5:03)
7. Wonderland (5:45)
8. Flash (4:00)

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