Artist/ Band: Scott Mosher
Title: Deep Horizon
Label: The Ambient Mind
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Itís been two years since Inferno was released and my first album by Scott Mosher that I reviewed. So I looked forward to hearing his latest offering Deep Horizon. There are few differences this time around, first being a different singer than on Inferno. This time around the vocal duties are done by Scott Oliva and gives this album a more operatic, melodic slant to the brand of progressive metal by Scott Mosher. Another difference, is Deep Horizon seems to have a more straight forward appeal than Inferno. I canít pinpoint what influences vocalist Scott Oliva has, but I can tell you he combines, in my opinion, the best of the genre all rolled up in one. These differences are so minor but noteworthy in the musical evolution of Scott Mosher.

Scott Mosher again does all the instrumentation as a composer, arranger and performer. Just like Inferno, the end result is an excellent album that captivates me from beginning to end. The only downside agin, for me, is the programmed percussion. I would have liked to hear a more organic percussions to make this near perfect album, perfect.

I would recommend this album to fans of modern operatic, melodic heavy progressive/power metal especially Ayreon, Space Metal, Fates Warning as well as many many more. Check out Scottís MySpace page for full length songs to listen to.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 8th, 2006


1. Deep Horizon
2. The Breaking Point
3. A Path of Hope
4. Light Years
5. In Visible Darkness
6. Turning Away
7. Re-engineering the Mind
8. Falling Down
9. Zero Hour
10. The Space Between Lives

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