Artist/ Band: Science NV
Title: Pacific Circumstances
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

“H1NV7” – Very cool spacey synths before the guitars and regal synths enter with authority. Perhaps a response to the big H1N1 scare which covered the earth a year ago. Those regal synths really do make the threat sound more intense. The laughing and crowds clapping helps add to the eerie effect. The synths are early Keith Emerson and blend well with the guitars and piano which are added later. Off to an interesting and original start.

“Danse Macabre” – Just in time for Halloween. Something you might expect from a Tim Burton soundtrack. All the best synths and even an accordion is added to provide the full effect and drama of the season. The guitar chords and piano bring you back to the progressive theme. Bells, eerie chords and synths fill the air as you imagine the room filled with dancing spirits.

“Morning Jump” – Almost a danceable beat to this one as the guitar chords dance and weave across the soundscape aided by the synths driving relentlessly forward. Soft drums and cymbals support well as cutting guitar riffs launch through the air. They are later replaced by synths coming at you from every direction. Later an almost disco or Latin beat takes over to take us to the end.

“Conflicted” – One of three epics over ten minutes. This song opens with noises and sound effects before soft electric guitar chords and dreamy synthesizers fill the soundscape. The bass helps balance the sound. The piano types out eerie and lonely sounds reminiscent of Halloween ‘the movie’. Drums and percussion play a predominant role on this song towards the end.

“Quadrapole” – Cool guitar chord progression to open this piece. Loads of eerie guitar chords and spooky synths. A very slow plodding synth encounter. The bassie sound effects and deep chords add to the drama well.

“Devil in Witches’ Toes” – The sequel to Devil in Witches’ Hands. The second of the three epics on the album. Cool synths and rapidly developing rhythm. You will probably be up dancing by now. The electric guitar riffs are amazing.

“Billy Burrough’s Brain” – The shortest track on the album. Clapping and a café or restaurant scene with soft piano and drums before the lead electric sounds off. This one is full of wild synth noises and effects, blistering guitars, and solid drums.

“The Ouroborus Variations” – The epic closer. A slow synthesizer opening like dawn. Then cool spacey synths before the guitars make their entrance. Then drums and another cool Keith Emerson – like synth march. This is followed by some launching guitar riffs which are supported by cool synths and chimes.

Rating: 8/10 – A good album for those who like their music to be challenging. “Quadrapole” is a good example of something completely original. No one is making music quiet like this. It is good original music which invites you to experiment along with the band on new variations to the theme of their music. This is a good follow up to their earlier album. Full of new journeys inside the mind.

Reviewed by Prof on October 19th, 2010


1. Danse Macabre
2. H1NV7
3. Morning Jump
4. Conflicted
5. Quadrapole
6. Devil in Witches' Toes
7. Billy Burroughs Brain
8. The Ouroborus Variations

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