Artist/ Band: Sanguine Hum
Title: Diving Bell
Label: Troopers For Sound
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

What a great release! This is the debut recording of Sanguine Hum under this band name. Itís actually a change of name for the band Antique Seeking Nuns who were a fantastic British progressive band.. Anyone that loves that band, will love this just as much or more. ďDiving BellĒ brings in a nice progressive rock element with a modified Canterbury and jazz fusion style not without other more modern elements such as electronic tricks and quirky touches. Itís mostly incredible and always superb! I am nuts over the thing!

Sanguine Hum can be very delicate, and then forceful, with even some distortion here and there. The first song starts off sounding like Porcupine Tree, but then the nice vocals and time changes instantly hook you into the best Canterbury style band since Hatfield & the North. Many will find more similarities to the latter day Porcupine Tree but these guys bring in the eccentric jazz fusion in unlike PT. The vocals are mellow and very well done. The band shows itís years of playing together ( even if under another name). This music is so tight, well composed, and complex with ideas. Itís forward thinking with some old school and creative touches that never fall short.

I would compare the whole mix as a fusion of Long Fin Killie, National Health, Egg, Stefan Zauner, Porcupine Tree, and just their own ultimate sound that they have created from all these similar references. In short, this is beautifully put together quantum leap music that not only includes the best of each decade of progressive greats from 70's/80's/90's but adds in post rock, great jazz fusion, and fringes for a sweet crock pot of a dinner. Food for the ears! And itís a truly great thing to find a band who has so many elements as the bands I compared them to, but doesnít sound exactly like anyone else. Sanguine Hum have a special Merry-Go-Round of music here and itís not to be missed. In fact, I consider it one of the best progressive CDís of 2010! Hands down, TOTALLY, CRAZY FULLY HIGHLY INSANELY RECOMMENDED!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on March 29th, 2011


01. No More Than We Deserve
02. The Ladder
03. Dark Ages
04. Coast Of Nebraska
05. The Trial
06. Nothing Between Us
07. Diving Bell
08. There's No Hum

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