Artist/ Band: Saguine Hum
Title: Plays The Nuns Live
Label: Troopers For Sound
Year of Release: 2009 (digital only)
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The Review:

This is a download only 3 song live EP by Sanguine Hum, who used to be Antique Seeking Nuns ( see my other review of Sanguine Hum’s ‘Diving Bell” ). In fact, 2 of the 3 songs are old Antique Seeking Nuns material, but they decided to play it live and give it a fresh spin. The 3rd song is and big bonus here, as it is a previously unreleased cut and will be of giant value to all fans. It makes the complaint of only 3 songs live on a release a bit more acceptable. Recorded live at Jagz, Ascot on Friday 14th August, 2009, it is officially the first release by newly named Sanguine Hum. It serves as a nice bridge from one period of the band, to the present.

The first thing you notice is there is no intro, or any real chatter before or after any song. Whether there was more talk at the concert, I would hope so... but if so, it is edited out for this EP. The other thing you realize is, Sanguine Hum are extremely confident playing live. Whether they are totally comfortable, I can’t be sure. It seems they just like to get to the task at hand and play these songs in a fantastic way. The scarce words you hear after any song ( “thank you” ) sounds modest and quite humble. It gives the picture of a band that doesn’t carry any ego or pomposity about themselves or their music. Which is a nice thing.

This is truly a tasty live EP and I really did want more songs badly! It’s just so good that I was left starving for more material. Anyone will feel the same if they love ASN/Sanguine Hum like I do. This material is vintage as mentioned, and has the more Canterbury jazz rock sound than the new Sanguine Hum does. It’s smooth as silk, and it is just so solid and pleasing to the ear. No doubt in my mind that all fans will want this. For me, it’s essential! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on March 31st, 2011


01. It's Pissing Don?
02. Cat Factory
03. Earth Song With One Sugar

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