Artist/ Band: Salva
Title: Thirst
Label: Caerllyi Music
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

Salva returns in 2011 with their third album, Thirst. The sound is more refined and focused than the previous two albums, and I think they’ve hit a high point in their career. This time around the music is heavier than the last album, Left To Burn, as well as more melodic in the vocals department.

The band this time around consists of Per Malmberg (Lead & backing vocals, Electric & Acoustic guitars, Keyboards, Mandolin, Accordion, Percussion), Stefan Gavik (Electric guitars, backing vocals, Lead vocals on “Can Of Worms”), Johan Lindquist (Keyboards, backing vocals), Fredrik Lindquist (Bass, backing vocals) and Lasse Bolin (Drums, backing vocals).

To refresh my memory, I went back and listened to A Handful Of Earth (2004) and Left To Burn (2007). You can hear the evolution of the band’s music on Thirst, which is my favorite of all their albums. Some of the highlights for me are the opening track, “Exclamation Point”, “Primoris Iungum”, “Can Of Worms” and the most straight forward & melodic sounding song on the album, “One Week”.

If I had to recommend a starting point for Salva, it would be Thirst would be the one with no hesitation. I would also say to get the other two so to fully appreciate the evolution of their sound. Thirst is highly recommended to fans of modern Swedish progressive rock with a metal edge.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 15th, 2012


01. Exclamtion Point
02. Primoris Iugum
03. Adjustment For All
04. Can Of Worms
05. Frost
06. Losing Battle
07. One Week

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