Artist/ Band: Salim Ghazi Saeedi
Title: Iconophobic
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

These 13 compositions by Salim Ghazi Saeedi are a nice collection of very interesting mix of progressive electronic rock and avant garde classical chamber on keyboards, guitar, and strings with some effects and rhythm machine ( which at times sounds very much like real percussion ). The first thing I noticed is there is not a dull moment on the disc. With just under 38 minutes to do 13 songs, you might imagine the ingredients are very rich and plentiful. I was kept surprised throughout my first listen and more intrigued and very much at attention by my third listen to ‘Iconophobic’. I am curious to know who all Salim has listened to in his life. As I hear so many sounds ranging over the likes of Art Zoyd, Univers Zero, David Bedford, Richard Pinhas, ZNR and Mecano ( a lesser known Dutch band from the 1980's that began more new wave but then evolved to a brilliant semi industrial neo classical pop unit ).

Salim was born in Iran in 1981 and at age 29, he sounds much more adapt to the French/Belgium electronic progressive rock school of the 70's that stand up so well to this day. This is actually his 4th release, as he played in a band called Arashk on the previous three releases. This CD sounds like a complete band and Salim plays all the instruments, records, mixes and produces it himself. You do hear the definite eastern sound mixed in with most of his songs. At times the guitar comes off a bit trippy while bringing in that Iranian mode but never ever takes center stage. He also uses the lead guitar with the more glissando fuzz ( like Steve Hillage ) in a couple of pieces. His classical influence is very strong on the majority of ‘Iconophobic’, however there is even a strong jazz fusion cut that comes in the middle of one of those classical dominated compositions. The listener is really served quite a variety of textures and finely crafted songs throughout. I was both surprised and pleased with this entire recording.

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on October 13th, 2010


01. 1. Composer's Laughter
02. A Satire On Hell
03. And My Heart Aches Like 100 Aching Hearts
04. Asiyeh
05. The Songful Song Of Songbirds
06. Transcend Ecstasy With Ecstasy
07. Don't You See The Cheerful Rainbow
08. Music Is A Haram
09. Dance In Solitude
10. Eternal Melancholy Of Loving Women
11. Give My Childhood Back
12. Breast-Milk
13. I Am Beautiful, Are You Beautiful?

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