Artist/ Band: Sage
Title: In Vain
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Sage returns again with another heavy hitting EP length offering called In Vain. The CD features Tracey Sage’s powerful emotive vocals, amazing guitar playing from Mike Walsh and one of the more solid rhythm sections in the genre (Rob Thompson on bass and Eric Ganci on drums). Theses guys and girl do much more than head-banging Metal music, it’s a combination of classic, alternative and progressive metal. They tap into sounds of bands such Tool, Dream Theater and A Perfect Circle but with their own unique style. There are two Pennsylvanian bands that Sage reminds me of mostly, and they are Mythologic and Leger De Main (both have the same members).

Musically In Vain is a continuation of their debut, Lightening Strikes. The subtle difference is In Vain is more straight forward sounding thus showcasing more of their metal side. Both releases are equally important and hopefully one day really soon, the band will release a full length album for us out there to enjoy. As I said in the Lightening Strikes review, “Look out for these guys and girl for they will be the talk of most prog metal circles to come..”

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 1st, 2005


01. Manifest Destiny
02. Graves
03. Backbone
04. Out Of Body
05. In Vain

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