Artist/ Band: Razor Wire Shrine (R.W.S.)
Title: Going Deaf For A Living
Label: PMM
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

Razor Wire Shrine is the latest offering from the Rodler brothers. Theyíve graced the progressive world with bands such as Leger de Main, Mythologic, RH Factor and Gratto. On Razor Wire Shrine, they show case their technical metal side. I must admit I find it hard to get into this genre of metal, the main reason is most of it lacks something important to me in music.... souls. I am intrigued by the musicianship enough to listen to the whole cd a few times.

Of what Iíve herad from the Rodlers, I personally prefer their outputs on their other bands; Leger De Main, Mythologic and Gratto more than with Razor Wire Shrine, but thatís a matter of personal opinion. If you like shredding guitars and manic drumming in your music then get a copy of Going Deaf For A Living. This is one mind blowing cd from start to finish!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 10th, 2004


1. Shards
2. Crackling Dementia
3. Architecture For the Tormented Soul
4. Thought Residue
5. To Strike A Personal Chord
6. All Shades of Bitter
7. World of Hurt

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