Artist/ Band: Rush
Title: Moving Pictures
Label: Mercury
Year of Release: 1981
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The Review:

Well, here it is. The first ever Rush review on ProgNaut! Overdue to be certain, and I am ecstatic to begin with the 1981 release, Moving Pictures. Perhaps the best work of Mssrs. Lifeson, Peart, and Lee, it was also a transition album as the band introduced more keyboard and electronic sounds to convey their music.

It opens with the powerful “Tom Sawyer.” This song is in-your-face and catchy. What a powerful way to begin! It feels like the beginning of modern day power-metal as we lead into the next song “Red Barchetta.” This is one of my personal favorite Rush songs, as Neil Peart’s lyrics of a future where driving is illegal and a discovery of a classic racecar leading to defiance is a delight. “Red Barchetta” is a classic prog song as it changes time signature continually throughout its over six minute duration. It also features guitar harmonics used in an inventive and melodic manner.

“YYZ” is one of Rush’s most all-time famous instrumental works and is still featured in concerts today, 30-some years later. “Limelight” is another tune that got a little airplay on the radio. It once again features incredible lyrics by Peart, this time about the difficulties that come with fame. “The Camera Eye” is mini-opus from the band. This small epic shows the more rhythmic nature that they would be developing on following albums.

The album features several “hits” of the day that continue to be popular on classic rock radio stations and movie soundtracks. Closer “Vital Signs” is one of the best, with a slightly reggae-inspired beat and brilliant hooks. One of the most remarkable features about this album is its memorable factor. Songs like “Tom Sawyer,” “Vital Signs,” “Limelight,” and even the instrumental “YYZ” have you humming the tunes well after the record is complete. This is the first Rush purchase I would recommend to any potential Rush fan. I might follow it with 2112 and Hemispheres, for two other aspects of Rush’s musical styles.

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on May 17th, 2011


01. Tom Sawyer (4:34)
02. Red Barchetta (6:08)
03. YYZ (4:24)
04. Limelight (4:21)
05. The Camera Eye (10:57)
06. Witch Hunt (Part III of Fear) (4:44)
07. Vital Signs (4:47)

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