Artist/ Band: Roz Vitalis
Title: Revelator
Label: MALS
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

In the beginning Roz Vitalis was a one man band but it soon became more. On the latest 2011 recording the line-up of musicians is Vladimir Efimov / guitars, Vladislav Korotkikh / flutes, whistle, Philip Semenov / drums, percussion, Vladimir Semenov-Tyan-Shansky / bass, and Ivan Rozmainsky / keyboards, Hammond, percussion. Guests include Fedor Kirillov / cello, Artemy Sementsov / flute, shakuhachi, Janna Kotsyuba / viola, Fyodor Mozhzhevelov / bassoon, and Ilya Rysin / trumpet, flugelhorn. Itís a nice cast for sure. This is their first on the Russian MALS label where before the band self released all of their material over a period of a decade.

You have nine songs of tight surprising progressive music that any classic progressive rock lover into Samla Mammas Manna, Supersister, Simon Steensland, ZNR, Univers Zero, Art Zoyd, Gentle Giant, Conventum, and a odd palate of RIO bands from across the world all in one CD, will love hands down. Itís that fruitful, yet it is also with itís own stamp. Youíll even hear bits of The Enid in places. Howís that for a bundle of joy? The band sounds like that have been together for many years. Itís the great hand of Ivan Rozmainsky who still makes the magic happen ( who was the man band who founded Roz Vitalis back in 2001). Honestly, I hear so many different styles it truly drove me nuts trying to find all the references I could compare ĎRevelatorí to. I will suffice to say it has all I have said and more. The one other important thing to mention is that it is an all instrumental CD. Itís almost exhaustive to try and listen to every instrument they use in all the songs on first spin. This is exactly why the recording will stand up to the test of time, and not lose your attention at any given moment.

Iíd spend the next hour trying to describe the music play by play so I challenge you to give this neat creative and unique ( to say the least) release a try. I didnít think theyíd keep making them like this. Itís so rare to hear the great to the bone explorative progressive music like this these days. Consider this a priceless jewel ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on January 6th, 2012


01. Revelator (5:12)
02. Warm Tuesday (3:57)
03. Deadlock of the Deceiver (4:07)
04. Painsadist (Hit Version) (3:25)
05. Underfrog (7:09)
06. Midwinter Tulips (2:08)
07. La Combattimento Spirituale (6:29)
08. Persecuted (10:14)
09. Silver Melting (2:57)

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