Artist: Parallel or 90 Degrees
Title: More Exotic Ways to Die
Label: Cyclops Records
Year Of release: 2002
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More Exotic Ways to Die parts 1 to 6:
1. Impaled on Railing [4:44]
2. A Man of Thin Air [5:06]
3. Embalmed in Acid [5:42]
4. The Heavy Metal Guillotine Approach [5:27]
5. Drum One [3:14]
6. The One That Sounds Like Tangerine Dream [1:31]
7. A Body in Free Drift [8:29]
8. The Dream [2:38]
9. Petrolem Addicts [11:02]

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The Review:

In keeping with a new sounds of today's mainstream bands, PO90 has fused classic progressive rock with an heavy alternative sound, which comes off as a hybrid of Pink Floyd meets Nine Inch Nails, nods to Joy Division along with some infectious techno beats to keep progressive rock "progressing".

From what I am hearing, PO90 seems to suceed where fellow country-men Porcupine Tree "fails" (for lack of a better word). I just hear PO90 just has only slight Floyd-isms and relies more on the modern sounds along with keeping their roots. *

The first 7 tracks comprise the title track "More Exotic Ways to Die" and is quite a brutal guitar sound and emotional vocals. Very gothic in parts which will win a wider audience base. Each of the 7 tracks can stand on their own outside with most in or around the 5 minute mark.

Highlight for me is the last song, "Petroleum Addicts". Lengthy, aggressive prog at it's finest with some interesting tehno breaks.

A definite keeper! I look forward to seeing this band get their due!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 9th, 2002

Editor's note December 1st, 2008: * an observation from 2002

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