Artist/ Band: Pinnacle
Title: A Blueprint For Chaos
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2012
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The Review:

Pinnacle’s third album, “A Blueprint For Chaos” was released in 2012. The band now expanded to a quartet, Karl Eisenhart (guitars, synths, pedals, vocals), Greg Jones (drums, vocals), Bill Fox (bass, guitars, synths, pedals, vocals, saxophones, synth programming) and rounding off the quartet is Matt Francisco (vocals, keyboards).

I thought the band was at it’s pinnacle (pardon the pun) when they released “Meld” when I reviewed it last year but once I emmersed myself with “A Blueprint For Chaos” my opinions of the band’s music quickly changed. Everyone was on the top of their game when they recorded this album and the end result proves it. This made it so much easier for me to listen to multiple times (sometimes in one day) to help form my thoughts on the music.

From start to finish, the music keeps you interested in hearing the next track without interrupting the flow. I always thought albums especially progressive rock ones needs to be listened uninterrupted to get what the band is saying.

Their influences of Marillion (I hear Fish-era), Kansas, Rush, Deep Purple and so much more are blended together to create the Pinnacle sound.

Personal highlights are the opening track “Conductor (Last Stop)” because it sets the tome for the remainder of the album, and the instrumental “The Garden of Turbulence” which shows the band just jamming out in a hard rocking style with some surprise tributes blended in for good measure. The rest of the tracks are equally important but these two pretty much sum up the album content.

If you want some excellent fresh new American progressive rock mixed with memorable classic rock then you need “A Blueprint For Chaos” in your collection ASAP. This is highly recommended for the aforementioned bands and the genre on whole.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 28th, 2013


01. Some Just Sleep
02. Rhythm Of Life
03. Conductor (The Last Stop)
04. One More Day
05. Non Diment5icar
06. Music Man
07. The Garden Of Turbulence
08. Too Far Gone
09. Long Black Car
10. Phoenix
11. Somewhere Between

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