Artist/ Band: Pandora
Title: Sempre E Ovunque Oltre Il Sogno
Label: AMS Records
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

Pandora follows-up with a second album in 2011 entitled Sempre E Ovunque Oltre Il Sogno. I had the pleasure of reviewing their fantastic debut album Dramma Di Un Poeta Ubriaco, which was obviously influenced by classic Italian prog with some modern elements.

On Sempre E Ovunque Oltre Il Sogno there’s more of a modern influence with some nods to the Italian masters. Right from the beginning the listener is treated to a bombastic instrumental introduction, “Il Re Degli Scemi“ (5:08). This is followed by another shorter instrumental “L'Altare Del Sacrificio” (2:08). These two instrumental pieces set the tone for the rest of the album which gets more aggressive towards the middle of the album.

Next up is the first track with vocals, “L'Incantesimo Del Druido” (8:16), a song that flirts with complex & ambient moments, along with metallic riffs which makes the song exciting. This is one of my favorites of the album.

Following is “Discesa Attraverso Lo Stige” (4:13) which brings the mood down and contains a Mellotron and acoustic guitars. This is another instrumental piece.

Next up is “Ade, Sensazione Di Paura” (7:10) has a very cinematic feel to it. Probably due to the organ drenched opening. It’s also one of the more modern sounding instrumental songs on the album.

Beautiful acoustic based “03-02-1974” (7:31) that plays homage to the band, Genesis in their progressive days. About half way it picks up the tempo. Further on there’s a passage from Nursery Cryme and ends with an short Hackett style acoustic guitar.

“La Formula Finale Di Chad-Bat” (3:56) has a dark ominous feeling from the beginning, and right to the end with an up tempo. It‘s mostly instrumental with some short vocal parts.

Then to end off this fantastic album, we’re treated to an epic in the form of the title track, “Sempre E Ovunque Oltre Il Sogno” (23:00). It opens in a very cinematic fashion and contains has everything a prog fan would ever want n an epic like some classical, jazz & metallic themes, along with flamenco guitar, and so much more that you’d have to hear it and discover the beauty that Pandora can create.

In closing, with reviewing their debut and now this album, I can say with confidence that Pandora is a very important modern Italian prog band that has moments of the past woven in. I can’t wait for what’s next. I would highly recommend new release, Sempre E Ovunque Oltre Il Sogno, to fans of symphonic progressive rock especially fans of the Italian style. It’s easily one of the best albums to be released in 2011.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 3rd, 2011


01. Il Re degli Scemi (5:08 )
02. L'Altare del Sacrificio ( 2:09 )
03. L'Incantesimo del Druido ( 8:17 )
04. Discesa Attraverso lo Stige ( 4:13 )
05. Ade, Sensazione di Paura( 7:41 )
06. 03-02-1974 ( 7:31 )
07. La Formula Finale di Chad-Bat ( 3:56 )
08. Sempre e Ovunque ( 23:00 )

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