Artist/ Band: Overhead
Title: Live After All (DVD)
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

Overall is a relatively new band out of Finland with three studio albums under their belt. My first introduction to the band is their live concert DVD, Live After All, which illustrates the bandĎs career so far. The source of the DVD is in Katowice, Poland where they took part in the inaugural ProgRock 2009 Festival on February 17th 2009. The footage is brought to you by Metal Mind Records. The band consists of Jaako Kettunen (guitars), Tarmo Simonen (keyboards), Alex Keskitalo (lead vocals/flute), Jaakko Kettunen (Bass) and Ville Sjoblom (drums)

I must admit that Iím not familiar with the music but Iím intrigued by it each time I watch this DVD. Iím sure thereís others like me out there in the same situation. I do plan, in the near-ish future, to collect each of their studio albums IĎm also mesmerized by the bandĎs version of the King Crimson classic, ď21st Century Schizoid Manď. Itís almost as if the band took apart the song and put it back together within their ďsoundĒ. Alexís English is very good as you can hear the in between songs banter as well as during the very informative interview segment located in the bonus features. You get to learn the bandís history which is quite enlightening.

Overall, pun intended, this is a perfect introduction to this amazing band from Finland. The concert comes two ways, a dvd only and a cd/dvd limited edition set. This gives fans new, old and future a choice as to which to buy. Itís one of the better concert dvds of 2009 that find new sounds each time I watch it.

If youíre already a fan of the band, then this is a essential release. New comers such as myself will be satisfied with the music which is best described as symphonic/progressive rock. Itís also one of the more modern bands in the genre that combines old and new influences. You can see for yourself the clips of this concert on you tube to better illustrate the music.

Basically this is one of the better live dvds released in 2009 and I would recommend fans of Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and any one of the other bands that played at the ProgRock 2009 festival especially RPWL, DeeExpus & Tinyfish.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 24th, 2009


01. Metaepitome (19:19)
02. Time Can Stay (8:44)
03. Butterfly's Cry (7:45)
04. A Method... (4:30)
05. ...To The Madness (5:34)
06. A Captain On The Shore (10:22)
07. Entropy (8:02)
08. Dawn (15:07)

Bonus material:

    Full band interviews, picture gallery, photographs, weblinks

  • Bonus Video: Butterfly's Cry (video clip), Time Can Stay (Live at Prog'Sud), Lost Inside (Live at Semifinal), Wainamoinen And Youkahainen (Live At Semifinal), WARNING: Ending (Without Warning) (Live At Versailles); Point Of View (Live At Versailles), Konevitsan Kirkonkellot (Live At Spirit of 66)

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