Artist/ Band: Oceansize
Title: Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up
Label: Superball Music
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

1. Part Cardiac – With a title like they have chosen, you know somewhere along the line there will be some heavy metal. They chose the opening of the album to introduce the heavy guitars, drums and loud vocals as the title is repeated. This is a powder keg opener which is actually misrepresentative of the rest of the album. The guitar riffs are both explosive and electric. They break down the door early.

2. SuperImposer – More power speed drumming and blistering guitar before things set up to a rhythm and more melodic pace. This is more of the music I was expecting. Good vocals supported well with rhythmic guitars and some memories of Rush guitars along with those smashing drums. Speed guitars and drums pushing their way into your face. “This is how the wars get started.”

3. Build Us a Rocket Then…- More power drums and roaring guitar as the rocket takes off. This one moves at the speed of a rocket and really drives those guitars on an unbelievable pace.

4. Oscar Acceptance Speech – The pace slows down and we get the first keyboards from this album. The guitars are still simply amazing and the drummer never misses a beat. This is more like the kind of samples of their past work I heard from their MySpace page. But this is original and different. The grinding guitar along with the keys sets up a cool soundscape. The strings at the end add the warmth that was missing.

5. Ransoms – Cool slow plucked guitar opening to this one. Only cymbals and guitar along with vocals before the keys and full drums kick in. A slow paced vocal song supported with those drums and guitar riffs. Cool bass notes and deep heavier rhythms delivered slowly, emphasizing the need to concentrate. The cool guitar riffs are some of the best on the album.

6. A Penny’s Weight – Harmonies on vocals along with guitar and keys. Reminds me of the Engineers from England. Sounds like they have added some backing female vocals to this one, making it my favorite on the album. Very dreamy guitar and keyboard improvisations supported with soft, slow drums.

7. Silent/Transparent – Slow guitar and bass supported by soft drums. A different evolution from the first track on the album. Getting quieter after that early blast off. Great bass riffs and keys throughout this one. The vocals are also very good on this one. At 8:29 minutes this is the epic song on the album and they give you plenty of scorching hot lead guitar riffs to appreciate.

8. It’s My Tail and I’ll Chase it if I Want to – Very slow guitar plucking before the speed picks up and the power riffs take over. The drum set is quaking as the guitars rip up the soundscape for this piece. The lyrics are also delivered at light speed as the vocalist tries to keep up with the pace of the blistering guitars.

9. Pine – The rhythmic sound of the ticking of a clock before a vocal driven song builds set to cool guitar riffs, strings and keys. The reaching guitar sounds are accompanied by slow playing in the front of the soundscapes with other guitars, strings and keys surrounding. Another of the better songs on the album. Excellent effects. “I saw the glow in you. It came through the cracks. Walked through the walls with you. With lasers and knives.”

Then cool Engineer – like keys and dreamy chords supported by rhythmic drumming. Another great song full of cool riffs and keys.

10. SuperImposter – A slow rambling rhythm builds with heavy bass, lead guitar and drums. Lower bass vocals supported with cool dreamy chords and keys. Great building guitar chords supported well with drums.

Rating: 8/10 – After the big blast off I expected a very heavy departure from the past. This album is a good solid rocker filled with signature rhythms and riffs.

Reviewed by Prof on October 13th, 2010


01. Part Cardiac
02. SuperImposer
03. Build Us A Rocket Then...
04. Oscar Acceptance Speech
05. Ransoms
06. A Penny's Weight
07. Silent/Transparent
08. It's My Tail and I'll Chase It If I Want To
09. Pine
10. SuperImposter

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