Artist/ Band: Nil
Title: Quarante Jours Sur Le Sinai
Label: Unicorn Digital
Year of Release: 2003/ 2006
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The Review:

Well I was first exposed to this fantastic French band called Nil through their 2005 release from Unicorn Records called Nil Novo Sub Sole. Now their new label has re-released their 2002 album, Quarante Jours Sur Le Sinai. My findings on Nil Novo Sub Sole, are present here as well. The only difference to my ears is the guitar playing isnít metallic, other than that the haunting melodies and French vocals are ever present as well as the Crimsoneque passages.

On Quarante Jours Sur Le Sinai, thereís listed two long tracks, Acte 1 & Acte 2 but on the actual cd thereís 29 tracks. While the individual tracks make it easier to get to certain spots, it takes away from the epic flow, in my humble opinion. Other than that, it is a fantastic piece of music that gets many repeat listens.

If youíre not familiar with Nil, youíre missing out on something special. Both of the releases on Unicorn Digital are excellent starting points. I would recommend purchasing both of them at the same time from your favorite vendor. I hope the bandís other two albums will get re-released as well. I would recommend this to fans of modern French progressive rock as well as fans of King Crimson, The Red Masque and so many other like minded bands.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 19th, 2006


1. Acte I (36:16)

2. Acte II (26:42)

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