Artist/ Band: Nebuleyes
Title: The Universal Being
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2009
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Nebuleyes are a French metal band, that started out in1999. Since then they have released Digital Enfant ( 2004 ) and Divine Revolution ( 2006 ). In 2009 they released a single, Korzum Inc…, which is off their third album entitled The Universal Being (2009).

Nebuleyes is firmly rooted in the symphonic/neoclassical metal genre and similar to the Tarja-era of Nightwish. There are also moments in the instrumental passages that shows signs of a progressive and power metal. To my ears, the production is satisfactory with a minor draw back. The primary reason is the drums/percussion sounds too cold and mechanical. I’m assuming it was created by synthesized or electronic drums. Other than that, The Universal Being is quite a nice albums to listen to especially if you enjoy over the top operatic vocals.

The band‘s primary members are Xavier Boscher (voices, synths, bass and lead guitar), Benjamin Masson ((rhythm & lead guitars) and Drama Elfamorta (vocals). There are other musicians listed on the back cover of the album, that helped in the creation of the album.

If you enjoy your metal to be bombastic or filled with female operatic vocals, the Nebuleyes is the band for you with their current album, The Universal Being. This is one of those 2009 releases that wasn’t publicized as much which is ashame because it fills the gap for fans of older Nightwish for example. The Universal Being is primarily recommended for fans of modern melodic power metal as well as technical and progressive metal fans.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 7th, 2010


01. Universal Prelude
02. Korzum Inc...
03. Mother Universe
04. Senso-Fecondre
05. The Universal Being
06. Neo-Generation
07. Interlude
08. Degenderescence
09. Clash Of The Titans
10. Magnetron
11. Doll Of Flesh
12. Universal Finale

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