Artist/ Band: Mytho
Title: Mytho
Label: Mousemen
Year of Release: 2008
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Mytho started in 2007, when Enzo Ferlazzo and 3 brothers (Antonio, Fabrizio and Marco) Machera decided to create some new music. The band's sound is an accessible slice of progressive hard rock based. It’s highlighted with Antonio’s & Enzo's guitar synths, the solid rhythm section of Marco and Fabrizio Machera, with Marco also provides lead vocals. In 2008, they released a 3-track self-titled promo, which., unlike other demos, it has a finished product quality to it.

The first track, “Alpha Centauri” is more melodic with a slight Genesis feel to it towards the ending. The second song “No Shadows In The Sun”, I feel is the strongest track on the disc. “Night Eyes” is the third and final track and it reminds me slightly of Alias Eye. They’re all great to hear and give the listener a very good idea on what to expect.

With these three songs, the band shows that they have what it takes to make very good music regardless of style. I for one can’t wait to see this band evolve within the progressive and melodic rock genres. If you’re still unsure, try hearing their music on MySpace then make up your mind from there. It’s recommended release for 2008 despite it‘s (lack of) length!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 16th, 2008


1. Alpha Centauri
2. No Shadows In The Sun
3. Night Eyes

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