Artist/ Band: Moth Vellum
Title: Moth Vellum
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Hailing from California is a new band called Moth Vellum which was started by a duo of Tom Lynham (keyboards, drums) & Johannes Luley (guitars, producer).They soon added Ryan Downe (bass player/vocalist) and Matt Swindells (drummer/vocalist) to complete the line-up and the result was the recording of their 2007 self titled debut. They combine the best of Yes, Genesis, Camel as well as modern bands like Moon Safari, Metaphor and Circa with a style all of their own. Very recognizable yet fresh to hear.

This is one of those few albums that you can listen to straight through without even noticing the time going by. The flow from song to song is seamless giving it an almost concept album quality to it. Each song on this debut is as good as the other but if I had to pick a highlight or representation of what the band is all about, I’d pick “Against The Suns” Even picking that song, I still think the whole album is the *highlight*.

Here’s yet another band that released an album under the prog radar that deserves much more attention than it’s received so far (which is very little). If you love the bands I mentioned above then Moth Vellum’s self titled debut NEEDS to be in your CD collection…yesterday!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 20th, 2008


1. Let the Race Begin
2. Whalehead
3. Salvo
4. Against The Suns
5. Walk It Off
6. Against The Suns (reprise)

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