Artist/ Band: Moon Safari
Title: A Doorway To Summer
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Moon Safari is a new progressive symphonic five-piece band, consisting of Simon Åkesson (lead vocals and keyboards), Petter Sandström (lead vocals and some acoustic guitar), Anthon Johansson (guitars and backing vocals), Johan Westerlund (bass and backing vocals) and Tobias Lundgren (drums and backing vocals). Together they create a perfect summer album and ironically the album is called A Doorway To Summer. It’s one of the few “happy” albums to come out in a long time and very welcomed with the amount of chaotic music that floods the progressive as well as other genres.

Throughout the whole album, the songs have a gorgeous harmonies and melodies. The whole album is laid back but not enough to put you to sleep. It has a quality to it where you can be resting out in your backyard or the beach on a warm summer day. They also don’t feel that they have to impress the listener with vocal or instrumental acrobats. As a group, they concentrate on the song. Oh and for those purists out there, they use plenty of vintage keyboard sounds which adds a timeless feel to a modern sounding album.

A Doorway To Summer counterbalances all of the albums that are consumed by the dark cold winetery type albums. This is a very impressive debut and I for one can’t wait to hear more from Moon Safari. In many ways, they are the definitive modern Swedish progressive rock band, along side The Flower Kings of course. I find this album and band to have the potential to becoming the talk of the progressive rock circles. Maybe even be on several peoples top favorites of the year list. I know it’ll be on mine. I can’t recommend this album enough, especially for fans of early Kaipa & The Flower Kings as well as Sebastian Hardie, Camel and countless others.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 13th, 2006


1. Doorway (11.36)
2. Dance Across The Ocean (7:30)
3. A Sun Of Your Own (9:19)
4. We Spin The World (24:52)
5. Beyond The Door (6:40)

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