Artist/ Band: Mike Visaggio
Title: Starship Universe
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

I received my copy of Mike Visaggioís Starship Universe. He warned me that it was Christian based music but to be honest with you itís not the preachy kind. It almost has a storytelling atmosphere that otherís outside the Christian faith will be able to listen to. Mikeís style of music embodies, to me at least, the true spirit of classic progressive rock with itís intricate instrumentation and amazing thought provoking lyrics. Mikeís instrument of choice is the keyboard, and gives a very vintage vibe to his playing. In many ways this albums sounds like it could have been released in the mid-seventies.

Upon listening to this album, you can hear in Mikeís playing, his admiration for Keith Emerson So much in fact that he does a really nice cover of Emersonís ďBlues VariationsĒ on Starship Universe. Mike also does all the singing on the album. While heís not one of the strongest singers, he fits perfectly within the style and flow of the album. He also does electronic drums and rhythm programming for the most part with the exception of a few tracks where he uses a live drummer. Unless you listen beyond the music, you really cant tell or rather care that itís not real players doing the drums and bass.

I feel very honored to be among the people Mike sent his cd to. Itís one of the more enjoyable self produced albums Iíve heard in a while. Even though I like Starship Universe, I would love to hear Mike with some other musicians to help flesh out his true potential. Watch out, Mike Vissagioís starship has landed and hopefully here to stay!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 13th, 2006


1) In The Nazerene Church 6:37
2) Prelude No. 2 for Piano 0:56
3) My Elders' Son 6:46
4) Blues Variations 8:01
5) 2001: Also Rocked Zarathustra 9:51
6) Starship Universe 2:35
7 ) The Synchronized Life 6:54
8) On The Ship Of Emotion 8:38
9) Music's Coming To Us 4:25

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