Artist/ Band: Guy Manning
Title: Anser's Tree
Label: Progrock Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

'Anser’s Tree’ traces the history of one family told though the eyes of their last descendent in the Year 2089. This is a very interesting concept album from the new Guy Manning CD, Anser's Tree. This is his eighth studio album and third with US based Progrock Records. With each album he’s done, shows an evolution and progression of Guy’s amazing talents both as a musicians and a songwriter.

On Anser’s Tree, more than previous album, Guy pays homage to the 70’s classic prog with a modern feel. Guy also enjoys mixing acoustic and electric sounds to create his music which is seldom heard these days. The album also has extensive liner notes to further explain the stories of Margaret Montgomery (1581-?), Jack Roberts (1699-1749), William Barras (1803-1835), Diana Horden (1900-1922), Joshua Logan (1990-2048) and Prof. Adam Logan (2001-2094), all through the eyes of Dr. Jonathan Anser (2089-?).

Joining Guy Manning, are Laura Fowles (sax & vocals), Ian ‘Walter’ Fairbain (fiddles), David Million (electric guitars) with special guests Stephen Dundan (flute), Andy Tillison (Hammond, Moog & Rhodes on track 2) and Neil Harris (piano of track 2, Arp on track5).

If you enjoyed Guy Manning’s work, especially his last three solo albums then this is a must have, well recommended addition to your collection. Anyone new to Guy’s music should start with Anser’s Tree and work backward. You can also hear for yourself the music of Guy Manning on his page at which features two songs from Anser’s Tree.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 24th, 2006


1. Margaret Montgomery (1581-????)
2. Jack Roberts (1699-1734)
3. William Barras (1803-1835)
4. Diana Horden (1900-1922)
5. Joshua Logan (1990-2048)
6. Professor Adam Logan (2001-2094)
7. Dr. Jonathan Anser (2089-????)

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