Artist/ Band: Man On Fire
Title: Chrysalis
Label: 10T Records
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

It’s been 6 years since Man On Fire released Habitat, and it has been well worth the wait for the arrival of Chrysalis in 2011. As with their previous releases, Man On Fire forges forward combining modern and progressive rock with fantastic results. Their music has always been accessible yet thought provoking in both the arrangements and lyrics.

The line-up for Chrysalis is Jeff Hodges (vocals, keyboards), Eric Sands (guitar, bass), Quentin Ravenel (drums), Jenny Hugh (violin), Cameron Harder Handel (trumpet), and Elise Testone (guest vocals *). It should be noted that Elise made it to the Top 6 on April 26th, 2012 on the TV show, American Idol (which goes to show that AI has the ability to allow true talent on their show).

There are three epics on the album, first is the four-part title track that adds up to almost 11 minutes, then there‘s “Gravity” (10:12) and a instrumental version of “Gravity” (10:01). Along with “A (Post Apocalyptic) Bedtime Story” (5:06) and “Tear Gas” (4:46) are my favorites off the album.

If you’ve enjoyed the previous Man On Fire albums as well as modern progressive rock, then you must add Chrysalis to your collection immediately. It was easily one of the best and my favorite releases of 2011. Highly recommended is my verdict!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 16th, 2012


01. Repeat It
02. In A Sense
03. A (Post Apocalyptic) Bedtime Story
04. Chrysalis Part 1 - In Between The Lines (Parts 1-4)
05. Chrysalis Part 2 - The Pundits
06. Chrysalis Part 3 - The Muse Returns
07. Chrysalis Part 4 - Free to Fall
08. The Projectionist
09. Tear Gas
10. Higher Than Mountains
11. Gravity
12. Gravity (instrumental)

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