Artist/ Band: Makajodama
Title: Makajodama
Label: The Laser's Edge
Year of Release: 2009
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Makajodama, a side project from Matthias Danielsson (guitarist Gösta Berlings Saga) which explores an improvised sounds of King Crimson (71-74 eras) and an orchestral approach reminiscent of Univers Zero has achieved over the years. Another band I would add influenced by, is Van der Graaf Generator which is mostly evident in “Train Of Thought”. Another band that Makajodama slightly reminds me of is Morte Macabre. There are some psychedelic moments woven in which give a unique feel to the album.

Multi-instrumentalist Matthias Danielsson provides all the guitars, bass, organ, and Percussion. Joining him are Johan Klint (Violin, Organ), Karin Larsdotter (Cello, Percussion), Mattias Ankarbranth (Drums and Percussion) and features Nicklas Barker (Live Bass Guitar) who also mixed the album.

What sets aside Makajodama from Matthais’ other band Gösta Berlings Saga is that it has a darker sound. Though not too dark. Perhaps somewhere in between all of their influences. Two songs stand out the most to me on this album. First off is the opening track, “Reodor Felgen Blues” which has a a psychedelic groove that evolves into something similar to King Crimson (1971-72). Second is the closing track “Autumn Suite” which the most upbeat of the album. It also features amazing cello playing, reminiscent of early ELO (“First Light”).

In closing I feel that Makajodama has achieved a “modern classic” status (in my opinion) and has a place on my Top 40 Favorite New Releases of 2009. It is highly recommended to fans of the aforementioned bands as well as fans of more adventurous music within the progressive rock genre.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 20th, 2010


01. Reodor Felgen Blues
02. Buddha and the Camel
03. Wolof
04. The Train Of Thought
05. The Ayurvedic Soap
06. Vallingby Revisited
07. The Girls at the Marches
08. Autumn Suite

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