Artist/ Band: Magenta
Title: Home: Special Edition
Label: F2 Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Magenta`s latest cd Home is a concept story about a woman who emigrates from Liverpool to the USA in the Seventies. The extra CD entitled The New York Suite (five songs) tells her stories in the ‘Big Apple’. I found myself drawn to many of the songs enlighten my own recent ‘migration’, is this album has struck a personal chord with me more so than any other album.

As with their previous releases, Magenta has always been a ongoing tribute to the great progressive rock bands of the seventies especially Genesis, Pink Floyd and Yes but with a modern twist. Multi-instrumentalist Rob Reed has his main goal with the band Magenta was to recreate the magic of those bands. In fact on Home , more than the previous one, the band is able to have all those recreation, sometimes within one song.

There's a few songs on Home that have touched me in my current situation in life such as ‘This Life’ and ‘Moving On’ Not to deviate from the music but hearing these songs helps me deal with my current life. Most of the New York Suite cd also hits home, no pun intended.

In my opinion, this is Magenta’s crowning achievement and by far one of the better if not best releases of 2006. If you enjoyed what you heard so far from them, then this highly recommended to be in your music collection ASAP!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 6th, 2006


1. This Life (2:30)
2. Hurt (5:35)
3. Moving On (6:02)
4. My Home Town (Far Away) (3:56)
5. Brave New Land (1:02)
6. The Journey (6:21)
7. Towers of Hope (2:10)
8. Demons (5:16)
9. Morning Sunlight (2:43)
10. Joe (11:14)
11. A Dream (1:11)
12. The Visionary (6:00)
13. Journey’s End (7:41)
14. The Travellers Lament (1:15)
15. Home (4:13)

Bonus CD: New York Suite:
1. Arrival
2. Home From Home
3. White Lies
4. Truth
5. This Life (Reprise)

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