Artist/ Band: Loving The Sun
Title: The Other Side Of The World
Label: NEA Music
Year of Release: 2008
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The third album for the band, Loving The Sun" is called ‘The Other Side Of The World’. and was released in 2008. The core of musicians are Joe Weninghoff (multi-instrumentalist) and Christina Pollmann (vocals). They credit others in the liner notes, that helped in creation of this album. Musically the band is listed as psychedelic, which I’d say is a low key style, but they add a dreamy pop sound which gives them some accessibility to more mainstream music fans.

I almost stopped listening to the album after the first track, “Save All That” due it’s pseudo country beat. I’m glad I continued on to hear the rest (that’s what us ’open-minded’ music lovers do). By the third track, ”Switch Off Your TV” is where you begin to hear the psychedelic side of the band. I can’t really compare them to anything past or present but Christina sometimes sounds like Anneke (ex-The Gathering) especially on the title track.

Out of the entire album, my favorite songs are “Time”, “Refilling”, “You” and “Changes“. These tracks captivates me the most. This album would be a hard sell to those looking for ultra-complex playing, so I’ll concentrate of recommending this to fans of softer side psychedelia, space rock and melodic symphonic music.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 11th, 2009


01. Save That All 05:42
02. Moonshine Of My Life 05:28
03. Switch Off Your TV 04:07
04. The Other Side Of The World 05:52
05. Time 05:41
06. Refilling 06:15
07. Life, Light As A Feather 03:59
08. You 04:54
09. Changes 07:04
10. Shining 05:16
11. Mirror 05:33
12. Old Friend 05:27

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