Artist/ Band: Lo-Fi Resistance
Title: Chalk Lines
Label: Burning Shed
Year of Release: 2012
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Second CD from grand talent Randy McStine (vocals, guitar, bass, keys, glockenspiel and programming) who brings on kingpin drummer Gavin Harrison (King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, solos, duos, and sessions galore), Colin Edwin on bass and Jon Giblin also on bass, plus a host of others to create an absolute winner!

His first recording was excellent but this one commands your respect and will easily impress any progressive music lover. “Chalk Lines” still has a cool concoction of Jakko (progressive pop and rock) mixed with an abundance of jazz rock flavorings and needless to say, fantastic musicianship on all cylinders. By the title tack (track 2 ‘Chalk Lines’) the music moves into extreme rhythmic celebration with Gavin unleashing a flurry of drums and allowing acrobats for Randy’s glowing ability to score a killer complex entry. As good or better than anything Porcupine Tree has done. This burns the candles on both ends already and it’s early in the recording folks. Track three (‘Fall’) continues the greatness. Imagine if Jakko were singing for P.T. and it’s even better than that. Ultimate grade music! !

Each composition just keeps the accolades coming. Lots of dynamics and superb arrangements. So well developed and brilliant. The music is straight up 5 stars. For me, it’s an unforgettable recording. Randy McStine is a major talent. He goes neck to neck with greats like Steven Wilson. This release shows everyone his colossal skill set in both writing and playing. As said, first release was excellent, this 2nd one is fantastic! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on June 4th, 2012


01. Isolation Tank (5:55)
02. Chalk Lines (6:49)
03. Fall (6:44)
04. The Silent War (4:21)
05. I Move On (2:17)
06. Fading Pictures (6:33)
07. No Readmission (3:53)
08. Face Another Day (14:29)

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