Artist/ Band: La Desooorden
Title: Cuidad De Papel
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

In 2007, La Desooorden returned with their fourth release "Ciudad de Papel" (City of paper). The music on this album seems to have a more aggressive feel to it than the previous ‘La Isla De Los Muertos’, which is primarily heard by a heavier, more prominent guitar playing by Alfonso Banda. Also I noticed that the arrangements have a more cohesive feel to them. I do find this album to be more enjoyable than the previous one, mainly due to the more modern sounding style they go with.

If you enjoyed what La Desooorden has done in the past and you like the progressive based music that comes from South America, past and present, you really need to add "Ciudad de Papel" to your collection as soon as you can. Unlike their last one, I would extend the recommendation to the more open-minded fan that wants something different to listen to. You can hear for yourself by checking out their MySpace page and proceed from there.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 3rd, 2008


1. Fumarolas Del Alma (7:32)
2. Ciudad De Papel (6:56)
3. El Llamado Del Totoral (2:28)
4. El Gran Acuerdo (3:50)
5. Migraciones Eternas (7:23)
6. La Voz De Los Niños (2:50)
7. Acción Por Los Cisnes (6:51)
8. Tralcao (Lugar De Truenos) (3:08)
9. Homínidos [Historia De Seres Nerviosos] (3:51)
10. Los Trabajadores (6:12)
11. E•N•E•U•J [Esto No Es Un Juego] (4:10)
12. Boletos Para Ir (6:40)

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