Artist/ Band: King Crimson
Title: The Collectable King Crimson - Vol. 1. Live in Mainz, 1974 - Live in Asbury Park, 1974
Label: DGM
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

I’ve been a fan of King Crimson ever since my exposure to their ‘Red ‘ album so my heart always chooses that version of the band overall. The Collectable King Crimson, Volume. 1 features two live shows from that version of the band which consisted of Robert Fripp on guitar, Mellotron, and electric piano, Bill Bruford on drums, John Wetton on bass & vocals, and David Cross on violin, Mellotron, and electric piano.

This version of King Crimson was their most aggressive to date combined with a jazz element and a knack for amazing improvisations. One of the two shows is the Asbury Park which is featured as the USA live release, the only difference is this recording is an unedited. Therefore a nice alternative to the USA live cd. The music featured is some of my favorite songs of the era such as "Exiles", "Starless", "The Night Watch", "Fracture" as well as the killer "Asbury Park". The other show was in Mainz with a similar set list and equally as impressive.

Excellent musicianship are featured here from Wetton, Bruford, Fripp and Cross, all in top form. Not only were the studio versions excellent, the live versions were beyond my expectations. I only wished I could have witness this band first hand but I was only 8 years old at the time and probably wouldn’t have appreciated as much as I do now.

To make the deal sweeter, there’s a booklet that features insightful commentaries from Wetton and KC historian Sid Smith. If you’re a fan of this version of the band then this is a must have addition to your King Crimson collection. This is also a very good introduction to my favorite version of the band.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 12th, 2007


CD1: Live in Mainz, 1974

1. Improv: The Savage (2:12)
2. Dr. Diamond (5:48)
3. Improv: Arabica (2:29)
4. Exiles (7:01)
5. Improv: Atria (6:14)
6. Night Watch (5:07)
7. Starless (12:27)
8. Lament (4:20)
9. Improv: Trio (4:36)
10. Easy Money (7:51)

CD2: Live in Asbury Park, 1974

1. Walk On.. No Pussyfooting (0:08)
2. Larks' Tongues In Aspic: Part II (6:24)
3. Lament (4:20)
4. Exiles (7:16)
5. Asbury Park (11:41)
6. Easy Money (11:07)
8. Fracture (11:02)
9. Starless (15:50)
10. 21st Century Schizoid Man (9:33)

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