Artist/ Band: Junk Farm
Title: Didn't Come To Dance
Label: Unicorn Digital
Year of Release: 2009
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Hard rockin' quasi-prog group Junk Farm is back with their most grounded effort yet, Album Number Three titled Didn't Come To Dance. The German trio isn't metal or even prog-metal, but the music is fairly heavy, sometimes funky, and song-oriented these guys are a power trio, just without a bass player, like Darediablo. Dance merges the edge of Deep Purple and Trapeze with the histrionics of mid-period Hawkwind and early ELP. Keyboardist Berthold Fehmer emphasizes organ motifs and left-hand bass parts; Michael Sticken hails from the Ian Paice school of power drumming; Ben Schippritt plays a mean guitar and sings (though the latter isn't his strong suit). The quirks in the band's music style will make them or break them for the average prog-rock fan, but listeners of funk-friendly hard rock groups like Trapeze and King's X (also trios) will find a lot to like here; just don't expect the lyrical cleverness of Glenn Hughes of Ty Tabor in tunes like "Stalker," "Talk To Yourself," "Still Not Dead" and "Chickbag." In fact, if Junk Farm were to go all-instrumental, or mostly instrumental (like Israeli symph prog trio Trespass did on their second CD), they'd probably get a better reception "Music Police" is vocal-free and easily one of the album's best tracks.

Reviewed by Elias Granillo Jr on July 23rd, 2010


1. Didn't Come To Dance
2. Still Not Dead
3. 10 Out Of 1
4. Chickbag
5. Stalker
6. Lost By A Love Song
7. Where Are We Going To
8. Eurovision Son-Incest
9. Music Police
10. Sweet & Sour
11. Take It Off
12. Talk To Yourself
13. Vacation Time

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