Artist/ Band: IV Luna
Title: Anteroom
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Towards the end of this Summer, I received IV Luna’s latest album, a promotional enhanced EP entitled Anteroom. Upon listening to it, I found it to be very eclectic yet accessible progressive music that combines aspects of rock, gothic and doom metal. From my limited exposure, I would say this band sounds like a mixture of old and new ideas of the Italian Progressive scene. These ideas are in every song but mostly in the song sung in Italian called La Tua Voce. The way vocalist Miki Chesso delivery the vocals, you’re not so turned off by the language.

In all honesty they’re breaking no new ground musically, but who cares since the music is so very good! IV Luna has taken the classic Italian sound (no one band comes to mind) and mixed in with the newer gothic & doom metal. Their sound is more in tune with bands such as Anathema, Black Sabbath, Deadsoul Tribe, current Porcupine Tree and Type O Negative, especially in the opening song, Mild September.

After several listens of this EP, I have a really good feeling that IV Luna will be a household name within the newer progressive scene. You can hear their music on the IV Luna MySpace page to help make up your mind.

In closing, I would recommend this to fans of the afore mentioned bands as well as similar.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 21st, 2006


1. Mild September
2. Realize
3. La tua voce
4. Red Room

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