Artist/ Band: It
Title: Over And Out
Label: Spacehouse Sounds
Year of Release: 2002
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In 2002, IT released their third album Over & Out, which is a concept album that flows seamlessly from start to end. The line up for this album is Nick Jackson (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Andy Jackson (bass, lead guitar), James Johnson (acoustic guitar) and Damian Kenley (drums) plus several guest musicians too numerous to post but is available on the IT website and liner notes.

I had the pleasure of reviewing ITís fourth and current album, Departure and was pleased to be able to review Over & Out. The first & second albums are currently out of print and unless thereís enough demand they might see the light of day. I personally feel ITís music should be on the Kscope record label. The reason is simple, IT fits within the genres available on the label. This would put IT on the same label as Porcupine Tree, which would (in my opinion) be beneficial for all, especially the fans.

As mentioned above, Over & Out is a concept album that flows seamlessly which requires the serious listener to set aside the time to listen the album, possibly more than once to absorb the music. While Departure is in Porcupine Tree territory, Over & Out (to me) is close to Roger Waters solo, especially his 1992 album, Amused To Death.

If you enjoy tightly crafted music and a good old fashioned concept album (of which I will let you the listener figure the concept out), as well as melodic progressive rock that borders on the neo side and the aforementioned bands then this is an album for you to investigate. I do hope this band gets more press that they rightfully deserve and maybe then IT can release itís entire catalog.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 30th, 2011


01. Tuning In
02. Good Morning America
03. Hang On Tom
04. Stay Tuned
05. News Live
06. Leaving The Planet
07. Space Cadet Pt. 1
08. Space Cadet Pt.2
09. Stranded
10. Re-entry
11. Coming Home

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