Artist/ Band: Introitus
Title: Elements
Label: Progress Records
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

Last year I had the pleasure of reviewing the debut album from Introititus, which was from 2007. Now in 2011, the band returns with their sophomore album , Elements, this time from a major prog label Progress Records (Great catch Hansi!). I believe the line-up is the same as the debut. The album Elements contains some long tracks, three of which exceed the 10 minute mark, the longest is just under the 20 minute mark. There’s two songs that are under the 9 minute mark. In between the songs there’s interludes based on the elements, “Earth“, “Wind“, “Fire” & “Water“. These are all under the two minute mark.

My favorites off the album are “The Hand That Feeds You” (14:18) which opens the album in an epic way with all guns blazing, “Like Always” (8:22) comes off as a romantic sounding song and the lyrics (I could be mistaken) are also romantic and the closing song, “Soulprint” (17:02). This is the longest track on the album as well as anything the band has recorded. These three songs best represent the album and the band at this part of their careers.

In closing, if you enjoy female fronted symphonic progressive rock or melodic progressive rock in general, then this is the album for you. It’s one of the important albums from 2011. I also never grow tired of listening to this album. I hear new sounds each time, so this gets one of the highest recommendations I could ever given.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 20th, 2011


01. The Hand That Feeds You
02. Earth
03. Like Always
04. Wind
05. Restless
06. Fire
07. Dreamscape
08. Water
09. Soulprint

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