Artist/ Band: Infront
Title: Wordless
Label: R*A*I*G (Russian Association of Independent Genres)
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Infront is mainly a quartet, consisting of dual guitars and a drums/bass rhythm section that often reminds me of a mixture of the best elements of Djam Karet and Wishbone Ash. They do add other instruments as needed to fill in their vision. Their debut, "Wordless" was released in the latter half of 2005 by the Russian label RAIG or Russian Association of Independent Genres.

The album title is quite self explanatory especially for music connoisseurs but for those that need to know the album is an all instrumental gem. The album has 8 songs, each different than one another yet fitting perfectly within the 50 minute mark. The songs run within the three to seven minute mark with the exception of the final track, Chinese Butterfly (which is one of my favorites). Other favorites are the opening track, “Invisbly Join” along with “RUNN”.

Now if you really had to assign a genre for the band, I’d say it’s a equal mixture of modern symphonic and fusion. One great thing about the band is they never overstay their welcome with needless soloing or self-indulgent nonsense, thus providing a quality listen every time. In my opinion, it doesn't get any better than this folks!

Infront is slowly becoming one of my all-time favorite instrumental bands, tied with Djam Karet. This is one of the few new bands that I fondly look forward to hearing more from. Wordless is by far one of the more enjoyable instrumental debuts that I've heard in many years. It’s really needs to be owned by fans of the aforementioned genres. So what are you waiting for?

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 17th, 2006


1. Invisibly Join
2. Corridor
3. From Where The Wind Blows
4. 888
5. Autumn Velvet
7. Mensura Zoili
8. Chinese Butterfly

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