Artist/ Band: Gerald Krampl
Title: Timediver
Label: Soundrose Records Vienna
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Gifted Viennese keyboardist Gerald Krampl describes his latest solo recording “Timediver” as electronic soundscapes for “mind movies”; which is right on the mark. The music truly does have a distinct cinematic edge. Krampl began his career in music nearly 40 years ago as a founding member of the 70s’progressive rock group ‘Kyrie Eleison’. The first incarnation of the group tread in the footsteps of Gabriel-era ‘Genesis’, producing the exceptional self-titled debut album which featured lengthy intricate compositions and outstanding musicianship throughout. But for their sophomore release the group reshuffled personnel, changing their name to ‘Indigo’, as well as the level of sophistication in their music. The end result was a bit too commercial for my taste – no where near as satisfying or challenging.

As the new millennium approached Krampl reinvented himself, moving away from both the hard-driving prog epics of ‘Kyrie Eleison’ and commercial quasi-pop tunes of ‘Indigo’, toward a path of introspective spiritual compositions and classical multimedia soundtrack projects. His 2008 release “Timediver” is a melodic collection of electronic soundscapes combining elements of prog-rock, e-lounge, and new age sensibilities.

The soothing compositions are simply constructed, beautifully executed, and interlaced with rhythmic movement, unlike much of the mind-numbing meditative Muzak that masquerades as ambient trance music. The music is reminiscent of the Eddie Jobson 1985 new age recording “Theme Of Secrets” and the solo albums of former ‘Happy The Man’ keyboardist Kit Watkins.

Reviewed by Joseph Shingler on February 3rd, 2009


01. Steamborn ( 6:08 )
02. East – West ( 4:58 )
03. Samarcand ( 4:44 )
04. Dark Veil ( 4:44 )
05. Lakeview ( 5:39 )
06. Spirit Dancer ( 5:00 )
07. Timediver ( 4:49 )
08. Quiet Days ( 5:26 )
09. Reflections ( 3:43 )

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