Artist/ Band: Galactic Cowboy Orchestra
Title: All Out Of Peaches
Label: New Folk Records
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

I reviewed the debut Galactic Cowboy Orchestra and recognized the talent of this multi instrumental band back then. The same characteristics it had, come with this new release ďAll Out of PeachesĒ. You still get a mixture of song styles ranging from a jazz rock to a country and often bluegrass infused music. Just like the debut, it also sits pretty atop a perfect NPR friendly throne.

This is family friendly and would entertain a huge population of various people. Although this CD is not actually close to a progressive rock recording, it is simply music done well. You cannot argue with the musicianship. Itís still all instrumental as this seems to be a good idea in my opinion. I think letting the music roam free and the spotlight be on the musical chops is smart.

Some of this CD sounds like a Jean-Luc Ponty album and some like Bela Fleck. It has lots of center stage violin, and the semi funky jazz fusion thing going on a good deal of the time. The one compliant I would have overall, is the band is not so adventurous this time as they were with their first CD. It could be the decision to stay safe, because of the family oriented ( all age appeal ) success they have gained, and I cannot kick them for that. All in all, this is a fun CD, and a solid one if you like the mixture of jazz, rock, country, and bluegrass. This is not the jazz fusion that the old school progressive music lover would drool over mind you. This is just a good solid variety band who have big skill and if they wanted, could do the more experimental and avant garde. Iíd like to hear them do that, but thatís me. This music is for you, families!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on October 25th, 2011


01. All Out of Peaches 3:46
02. Ruby 1:21
03. Paparazzi 5:14
04. Memo 9 7:22
05. Cajun in Spurs 3:00
06. Straight to the Top 4:26
07. Five up Front 3:30
08. Minion 7:14
09. The Blaze 2:42
10. Ragabilly 4:23
11. At Cross Purposes 6:04

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