Artist/ Band: Frogg Cafe
Title: Fortunate Observer of Time
Label: Progrock Records
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Iíve heard so much about Frogg Cafť over the past few years on various progressive rock forums and discussion lists but had never actually heard their music until now. I really wasnít sure what to expect since they are often compared to the music of Frank Zappa of which I must confess to never have heard. I also knew that they were once a Frank Zappa tribute band. This made the listen a challenge, since I was going into an area of progressive music unknown to my ears. The album I received was their third one called Fortunate Observer of Time, which was released by Progrock Records. At first it seemed out of place of the other artist on the label, but after a few listens I realized while it was more jazz-fusion based it di have enough symphonic moments to belong on the label. Thus giving a more diverse listening pallette for myself and others that have yet to venture truly past the sometimes safe symphonic world.

I can only comment on this release since I havenít heard their first two but there is a strong symphonic, even pop presence in Fortunate Observer in Time. Iíve noticed a lot of the songs have roots in Mahavishnu Orchestra as well as Gentle Giantís style of music. That made it easier for me since I have a few of those bandís albums in my collection.

I would have to recommend this to music fans that want something more diverse without going too far from the symphonic style. It probably would be wise for newcomers, such as myself, to acquire their first two album for a better understanding of their music. But since this is a review of Fortunate Observer, it would probably be a good starting point!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 30th, 2005


1. Eternal Optimist
2. Fortunate Observer of Time
3. Reluctant Observer
4. No Regrets
5. Resign
6. You're Still Sleeping
7. Abyss of Dissension
8. Release

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